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Kauai is one of the most popular destination wedding locations in the world. Kauai Island Destination Weddings are perfectly suited for couples wanting an intimate beach wedding, vow renewal, wedding officiant, same sex, civil union or commitment ceremony on Kauai. We have been attentive to the LGBT community for years and welcome all couples to celebrate their love on Kauai in a stress-free environment.

We offer you personalized, service-oriented beach and waterfall weddings perfectly suited for Island weddings from two to twenty people.

I am Magenta, your personal Kauai Island Destination Wedding Planner. I am delighted to assist you to bring all your dreams together for your perfect wedding day.


Our Destination Wedding Planning process is so simple. I want to hear about your dreams and wishes for your perfect day. We will discuss all your options and then, with deposit, your date is booked and confirmed on our calendar. I will confirm your details and any vendors. We will chat and be in touch throughout the entire process assuring you that your wishes are produced. Final payment is due three weeks prior to your wedding day.  With all the details and payments handled, you can arrive on the Island, relaxed and ready to enjoy your ceremony completely.

With our expertise and assistance, your perfect wedding day is created so that you just show up. Simply, Beautifully and Affordably.

We bring years of experience to the planning of your ceremony. We love Kauai and look forward to sharing her beauty & people with you.  Contact me now and let’s get started planning your perfect Kauai Island Destination Wedding.



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